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Thinking about aftermarket remote start. Install question

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I was pricing OEM remote starts and some cars already have the module built in and some don't. Mine apparently does not so the dealer wants $700-850 for labor and parts. Waaay to much for me to pay for auto start.

Best buy and Cartoys advertise aftermarket units plus installation for under $300.

Will there be any issues with having an aftermarket unit installed? Will they be able to install without special programming from the dealership?

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Do a little searching on the Forum. Aftermarket units are notoriously problematic with the systems on these cars. The best advice is generally to go with OEM to avoid issues later.
It just sucks because I don't want to spend $700 yet there appears to be issues with aftermarket remote starts. Not sure why it has to be so complicated. All 3 dealerships charged 2.5 hrs for labor. The part is $350. I could prob safe $60 on the part of I buy online.

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Anyone successfully install an after market auto start on a Dodge Charger 2011 - 2014 model? If so what remote start model did you get.

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I decided to go with Best Buy after market a couple weeks ago. I bought the remote start for $299 with free installation. Did all this research, talked to the GeekSquad on the phone before buying. they said it was a simple install. Took the car in a few days ago, and was told the "free install" was for basic installation only. Basically any car that needs a bypass (most cars over 2002) would be an additional $120 for the module and another 2-3 hours of labor. Total amount they wanted was approx $575- $600 after tax. I was like hell no, I might as well get the OEM from the dealer. Plus the guy was telling me I could not use my OEM fob to lock/unlock the doors while the auto start was running.

Then I found the part on amazon for $129 from Avondale Automotive and bought it. Same seller in the link above. Today they canceled my order said it was "out of stock" and relisted the item for more that the other sellers ($302). Looks like by the time I figure out how to get this installed for the price I am willing to pay, it will be summer and I wont need it.
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