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Hey guys i don't have too much video footage of my car due to me not having anybody i trust and is available to do some recording.

But i got to thinking i'm always making videos with my car why not other SRT-8's?

Email your videos in wmv format if u can and i am going to put together about a 5 min video of the most badass video clips.

I'd prefer as much of a combination of moments. Maybe some street drive bys, burnouts, in car, MAYBE a quarter mile run.....but then there will be another car in it.

Email YOUR car pics and videos with the name u want to be on the video slide in front of ur car to [email protected]

In the video i will have some appropriate badass music(prob rock) and then it will flash a pic of ur car and name then it will show about 20 secs of the best parts of ur video/videos

Check out my videos on youtube if you already haven't to see why i've ran outta content to make another video for myself.

Stocks, custom, raced out, show, whatever i want this to be a tight video!!!

I won't let you guys down!!!

EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL POST POST POST suggestions for anything music etc

I will make a chrysler only, a dodge only, and a combo!
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