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Well my pink thingy broke, but I was darned lucky. First, it happened in my garage so tools (and my laptop) were easy to come by. Second, I had already read some of the threads about the problem and knew there was help to be found on this forum. And, third, I quickly found Fahad R/T's post with all the pics I needed to override the problem!

Within 10 minutes, I was good to go, and that includes internet research time!

To Fahad I say - Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! - You Da Man!

I thought I would pay it forward by including some detailed pics of the part that broke, the inside of the shifter assembly, etc. that I didn't see when I was looking around the forum.

I'll get to the pics in a minute. After seeing them, you may want to keep a screwdriver and Fahad's repair pics in your console, because it could easily happen to anyone anywhere!

After following Fahad's instructions, I quickly ordered the Billet Technologies replacement part. I found it a little curious that the installation instructions were password protected on their site until you ordered the part. Made me wonder if the repair was so complicated that I would have been deterred from ordering the part.

In the end it really wasn't that bad. Maybe they are treating the repair process as proprietary?

Don't know why, though. Without the replacement part, it doesn't really matter much. And, no one in their right mind would replace the factory installed piece of crap with another plastic piece of crap.

Did I mention that the originally installed Pink Thingy IS A PIECE OF CRAP?! Billet Technologies' aircraft steel part is the only way to go! And, no I am not getting paid to say that.

Well anyway, I drove around parking in neutral while I waited for their part to come in. I thought I was smart enough to not shove it in park out of habit, but I took a screwdriver just in case.

Needed it at my second stop! I ended up placing the shifter bezel on the console in front of the shifter and that was enough to stop me from repeating my mistake.

Now the pics. I was limited to five. So I had to be a little selective. I have attached the following:

The original part and the Billet Technologies part side-by-side. I made sure to show the tiny little piece of crap that broke off of the bigger piece of crap (otherwise known as the Pink Thingy) that the manufacturer's thought was a good idea to bury inside the guts of the Shifter Assembly.

Inside of the Shifter Assembly

Interior of the car at full disassembly.

A picture of the replacement part properly installed in the shifter assembly.

And, a picture of the Shifter Assembly with the top plate taken off. I took it off out of curiousity, but it turned out to be an opportunity to clean all of the goobers out of the sliding mechanism. Now, I am thinking about replacing the white light bulb with a blue one, since my Charger is blue.

I should mention that the brake cable that attachs to the replacment part has more tension on it than it did before which is causing my car to still think it is in drive and not give me my key back. The instructions included a note that brake adjustments may be needed, and a link to those instructions. I haven't done them yet, but I assume / hope that will fix the problem.

Also, I tried to operate the shifter as I went along to confirm that I had done everything correctly and avoid having to redo any of my work. Two things. 1.) There is a second pink part on the side of the Shifter Assembly which is the electronic override and you have to push it in to move the shifter. 2.) Even with it pushed in I couldn't move it out of park once I had the brakes hooked up. That may have been due to my tension problem, but the shifter worked just fine once I reconnected the battery and had the benefit of power brakes.

Good luck to the rest of you that have a broken Pink Thingy. And to those of you that haven't had it happen to you, I would sincerely suggest you pack a long screwdriver and Fahad's instructions in your center console!


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While the "Pink thingy" is indeed plastic and probably a piece of ****, the real problem is with the operator. A lot of things are happening that many people don't realize causing this thing to break.

If you put your hand on your shifter, and step on the brake, you can feel the mechanism engage, allowing you to move from Park. Well, there aren't many people that ENGAGE BRAKE FIRST, then shift. Almost everytime this happened and I asked for a demo, the shifter was being shoved to the right, and then the brake being depressed to "allow" the shift, causing unnecessary stress on said pink piece of ****.

I am not arguing that it shouldn't be plastic..I get it. but 43,000 miles into my charger and it's not even showing "plastic stress".
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