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This is from the Jayski Nascar news and rumors site. This was taken from an article in the Winston Salem Journal.

"The new 2005 Dodge was shown to teams this week, and the reaction was, well, a shock. It apparently is not a pretty car.

One man described it like the ungainly station wagon that Chevy Chase drove cross-country in the movie National Lampoon's Vacation.

Dodge men certainly won't be complaining about NASCAR's common templates.

One reason for Chevrolet's domination of the Nextel Cup tour is the Monte Carlo nose, which actually gains downforce as the car goes through the corner, giving it a decided edge against Ford and Dodge."

Obviously, judgements on looks are subjective. However, I was hoping the car would look great. I don't mind it being a four door, but if it looks bad, what is the point in even building it?
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