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So when we first got in the game, there was a guy making intakes out in Cali. After chatting with him and seeing his product we both decided that I would be the sole distributor for his intakes. The partnership was great, the product qulaity was awesome and the price was pretty dang good as well.

Nothing against Chris, but the biggest challenge we faced was producing them on a large scale.

Chris eventually decided to sell the business and we decided it was time to purchase it from him. In early December we purchased BigBully Intakes. We ran into some immediate challenges but soon worked through them. Between shipping the inventory to us in GA, waiting on the old pipe guy to get us a supply, finding a powder coater locally and ordering the parts, it is safe to say that our processing times were not the best.

We now stock a large amount of pipes, filters, couplers, boxes and everything it takes to produce the intakes on a larger scale. We secured everything we need locally and now stock over 100 intakes at any given time.

Processing is now less than a week, usually next day and we have daily UPS pick-up.

The BigBully intake ranges from a 3" to 4" tube that is mandrel bent. We then weld on all the parts of the intake and grind them down and get them powder coated. Each intake has a solid mount to ensure the intake doesn't rub or move no matter how hard you stomp on it. Each intake is inspected for finish and either trashed or put into inventory. Each intake is made by LX owners for LX owners.

An independant tester did some intake tests on the 3.5 the BigBully intake showed a 12HP gain over the OEM airbox. (I will be bringing that thread over as well)

Let us know if you have any questions!!
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