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I just had my 07 Charger RT "Pedderized" last week......WOW!! This 4,200 lbs beast handles like a much lighter car. It is much more nimble and the steering is way more responsive. I'm still getting used to it, and have not pushed it as far as I could yet. But I can tell you there is an Audi TT I chased down on the Bay Drive that is probably still in disbelief. Also a couple of BMWs are eating humble pie as well.

I got the Street II package along w/ sway bars. I don't know how that package compares w/ the real top end builds you can get, but It ain't too shabby I can tell you.

But I really wanted to let you all know that Pete and Mike bent over backwards to get a dealer set up here in Hawaii. It took over 7 months from the day I initially talked w/ Pete until the instal last week. They extended several courtesies to me that blew me away.

I also want to say thanks to Francis, owner of Chance Customs in Kalihi. Francis took good care of me and my car, and shuttled me around while the work was being done. He told me right off the bat he would need a day and a half. It took over 12 hours of hard manual labor to get it in. The kind of shop Pedder's would be proud to be their only licensed shop to sell and install their hardware in the 50th State......Mahalo, Francis.

I know there are a couple of anti-Pedder's threads out there, but I have nothing but good things to say. And that is important when you are spending hard earned money on a product you have never had any experience with.

I will send some photos soon.........Aloha guys....Andy.

P.S. still waiting for you guys to come down here to have a couple of beers down at Duke's in Waikiki !! I'll pick you up at the airport................:beerchug:
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