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For several months, we have been testing the next generation Pedders coil overs. We have made multiple changes and now the Camaro set is ready for production, and they are absolute perfection after we have made all the fine tuning adjustments!

They have oversized remote reservoirs with dual adjustability. This makes it a great setup for both autocross and road racing guys and drag strip guys and guys who do both. Also when set up properly, they will offer a more comfortable, controlling ride for street play. We have also increased the monotube size from 46mm to a 52mm setup. We still had no issues running our massive 305s on all 4 wheels. The increase of fluid in the monotube will increase ride comfort and is also perfect for race setups.. Also one thing that is critical besides the range of adjustment is the actual sizes of the reserviors. They are huge for this size of vehicle.

Here is Pete chatting about them

Here are some pictures for you to review

We will be offering this serious upgrade to G8, GTO, Camaro, LX, Mustang, and a hole bunch of foreign car hot rods. No pricing is available yet. Testing the LX line will occur shortly

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