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2006 Dodge Charger
More of the same, just different.
by Paul A. Eisenstein (2005-05-20)

Whenever I head back to the family homestead, the final leg of my journey takes me down Poole Avenue , which served, when I was a young driver, as the neighborhood dragstrip. It's a wide ribbon of smooth asphalt, mostly straight, but for the kink at one end that's now guarded by an oversized guard rail.

Lest you wonder where this story is going, that dogleg is still known, 30 years after the fact, as Woody's Corner, for the man who often wound up running off the road there, once punching a hole through a kitchen wall. Despite his problems with braking, Woody was, for much of my youth, the meanest, badass street racer ever seen in Central New Jersey. He dominated the highways with a classic Dodge Charger. He made enough money betting on the car to buy himself a service station, not so much to have a job as to be able to keep working on his beloved coupe, with its menacing, 426-cubic-inch Hemi.

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