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I spent some time the past couple of days re writing the descriptions of all kits for the Magnum/300C/Charger. The goal was to streamline the kits by size and set them apart more from one another.

I've also added the new W6a caliper to the 14" kit line and made it the more dedicated version of this mid size kit. There's still info there for the fit of a 14" rotor with the previously used BSL6r caliper and I'm still happy to produce a kit in this manner.

The changes shown will also reflect a small reduction in price for the (now "Plus 1") Caliper Kit. The goal here was to appeal the large number of owners who simply want to purchase ebay and other suppliers rotors but wish to ditch the ugly stock caliper! You can now outfit your ride with multi piston performance calipers for under $2k. That's six pot fronts and four pot rears with all brackets, hoses and pads for about $1900.

The revised 14" kit (now "Plus 2") features the newer W6a caliper with it's larger body, larger pad and stiffer design. This caliper takes up a bit more room behind the wheel but for those with open track aspirations the added mass should prove a valuable addition to the platform.

"Plus 3" kits are now dedicated to the massive 16" front kits for you guys with rather laaarrrrge wheels!

All the kits can be had in various rotor finishes and caliper color options for additional fees as aways. If you desire something more custom please give me a call.

Check it out:
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