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We've been getting alot of requests for the ProTorque converters so it was time for me to check into them and pick up the line. ProTorque has been building quality converters since 1983 and has many happy customers driving a wide variety of vehicles.

A higher stall converter is one of the best bolt-on performance mods that you can do to a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission so I've been thinking about putting one in my own 300C SRT8 for awhile. Didn't do it because I kept saying "I'm not going to do much to this car". You know how that goes! Went from stock to a K+N Induction and Kooks long tubes, then added INDY Cylinder heads and intake manifold with a B&G tune, then a Patriot cam a few weeks ago and now... a ProTorque 2800 converter. Yup, couldn't hold out! It went in yesterday afternoon and the car is even more of an animal now! I can tell that the converter is different during normal driving. It doesn't feel to loose but I notice that the RPMs are just a little higher as I pull away from a stop. Not bad at all! Actually, I stopped noticing that after a few hours of driving. The thing that is noticeable all time is the way the car feels when getting into the throttle. Much, much more responsive! It's good to make sure the car is pointing straight if the traction control is off and the throttle goes to the floor. If not, the back hangs out while the tires are screaming. Hammer the throttle in a straight line and hold on! It really comes to life! The car feels at least 500lbs lighter. This is one of those "small mods" that make a big difference!

We list this for $597.99 and there $250. core authorzation. We don't charge you for that, just take an authorization for the amount and then cancel when you return your stock converter. For local customers that would like to have a ProTorque converter installed here, a turn key package.

That includes -

2800 stall converter
Shipping to us
Labor for the install
Transmission fluid
Shipping your stock converter to ProTorque
MA sales tax

Package total is $808.64.

A very good bang for the buck mod!

ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763)
E-MAIL - [email protected]

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