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Tail light LED's and interior LED's

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The interior LED kits aren't listed for the 05-10 models but because Diode Dynamics is one of the very few car related companies with fantastic customer service, they were able to help me get one together!

Here's a before and after

Tail light LED shots here - I have tinted tail light housings and then tinted lexan pieces on top. Needless to say the OEM bulb was really only visible at night. I went with the brightest option on these and now they're as bright during the day as the OEM's were at night.

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We have comparison pictures ready to go, we just need to get that listing updated on the site. Now that we are back from SEMA, I'll get that added to the list

Thanks for the comparison shots!

Nick C.

I'll hopefully be getting some night shots and the reverse light LED shots here soon.
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