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Got my T-1000 yesterday and I am new to all this tuning business. My car is stock. Nothing added. I updated the trinity, connected it to my car, was told it needed a calibration so I had to reconnect to my computer. After the calibration, I connected it again to my car and was told (by the trinity) that the car needed an update that would take 30 minutes.
Did that too. Now after doing that step, I checked for errors and found 3. I will post pics.
Then I went with the first tune which was called pert 93 I think. I played around with it after asking some more experienced tuners and this is what I ended up doing.
Increased hard shift (that was on my own). Throttle 20% . MDS off. Then installed the tune. Was pretty easy actually.

Now my questions:

1-Where do I find custom tunes I can download and install that would be suitable for my car?

2- Before the calibration was my stock backed up thus no errors would show up if I restored it, or would the errors have been included in my backup?

3- Where can I find "safe" tunes of others just to see how they built theirs?

I would love to have a powerful car but I don't wanna mess anything up.


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