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SXT vs. 300Z

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I had an accidental encounter with a 300Z in which I smoke his A$$ in my SXT. I was on my way to work minding my own business and this jerk is just racing around in his 300Z (it was about a 1999 or 2000) convertible. I could only tell that he had an exhaust system put on. Anyway he wanted to get past me in an obnixous way so I wouldnt let him. we got into an area where the road became two lanes and he pulled up on my right trying to pass me and I just punched it out (and i didnt even shift, i just used the automatic) and there we were racing it out to the upcoming light. Needless to say, I beat him. I know he felt REAL small
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With an R/T, you hang dead even with an '04 GTO :wink:
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