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Switchback LED's

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Alright this one I'm gonna show off what kind of an idiot I am.....but I love DRL's and if I'm not mistaken putting in some switchback LED's like these above will do that for me right?

The page mentions a video but there isn't one on the page, wondering if you can help out there. It'd be especially cool if the video showed install and functionality/end result of the product.
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Cool, safe to say the instructions how to clip on the resistors will be with the product when delivered? This isn't hard right? Sorry for asking it's just not something I'm familiar with
Alright just ordered some switchback LED's, shifter tray and door pull acrylics. I'm excited, thanks for all your help!
It's a fairly simple installation, but if you would like more instructions feel free to email us: [email protected]

It's completely reversible too, should you decide to go back to stock :bigthumb:

Nick C.
Well thats the point. ..not having to reverse it! Looking forward to it thanks.

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Here are pics showing difference in day time of the SMD60 vs the HP60 LED switchbacks. Glad I made the upgrade, much fuller light coming out of them even in bright sunshine. Will post nighttime pics later




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1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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