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Regardless of what Mopar I've bought in the last 15+ years, I've always upgraded/lowered the suspension. Now, I don't want to lower my Daytona 392, just strengthen it. I have already bought Eibach sway bars, SPC front control arms, and Eibach rear camber bushings.
I want front and rear end links, rear control arms, and maybe trailing arms (are trailing arms even necessary for a daily driver or is it just beefed up ones just for the track/drag?)

Bwoody is my favorite so far because they can be greased. On both ends...
BWoody LX Suspension Package

BMR has metal on metal on one end and that seems like any dirt that can get in, will.
BMR End links

Spohn Performance is the same as BMR to me, so maybe I'm missing something on their design. I don't remember seeing any grease fittings though.
Spohn Performance Mopar Rear Suspension Package

Thoughts? Recommendations?
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