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While searching for info on the seats for the current airbag discussion, I came across this great article about how Brampton can accomodate such varied platforms (charger, magnum, 300), each with multiple distinct trim levels. As an easter egg, it has a great list of who supplies what. Nice to see.

One way this list is handy is if for instance if someone tells you he can get you a great sunroof, "made by the same company that supplies Dodge"

Airbags (driver and passenger) Takata

Airbags (side curtain) TRW

Audio—eight-channel amp Visteon

Audio—radios Mitsubishi Electric;

Alpine Electronics of America

Audio—navigation/radio Alpine Electronics of America

Audio—satellite radio Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

Caliper assembly Brembo

Console Collins & Aikman

Cooling module Valeo Engine Cooling

Doors and hard trim Collins & Aikman

Electronic stability program Continental Teves

Exhaust system Eberspaecher North America

Fascias Decoma International

Glass—backlight Pilkington

Glass—side PPG Automotive

Glass—windshield Guardian Industries

Half shafts Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems

Headlamps Decoma

Instrument panel assembly Collins & Aikman

Mirrors—exterior Schefenacker Vision Systems USA

Overhead system Johnson Controls

Seat belts Takata

Seats Johnson Controls

Shock absorbers Sachs

Speakers Visteon; Panasonic

Steering wheel KS Centoco

Sunroof Inalfa Roof Systems

Suspension module Benteler Automotive

Tail lamps Meridian Automotive

Tires Goodyear; Continental; Michelin

Wheels (non-spare) Alcoa; Superior; Meritor; Ube

Wiring Yazaki North America

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No time, really, just knowing that Johnson Controls supplies both the Viper seats and the SRT-4 seats. Seemd likely they might get the contract for at least the SRT-8 seats.

A couple of googles later, ol' Jeds a millionare:) Online in-Trade resources are a great thing. Folks in the industry love to brag. All the above are in one list in that linked article.
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