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ok. so ive read just about every single post about the predator and superchips. being that im getting my pred very soon i wanted to get a firm grasp on these terms so i know exactly what im changing, when i do.

it seems everytime i think i got it, some one uses one of these terms in a different manner than the last and they start to cross paths again and cause confusion...

so. what are the differences between:
-raising shift points
-raising the rev limiter
-paddle kick/hold

i thought that:
-raising shift points increases the point at which your car automatically shifts at when left in autostick mode(from 5800 now... ive noticed that it will autoshift before 5800 sometimes too...)
-raising the rev limiter allows you to rev higher in Nuetral/Park
-paddle hold removes the "shift point" and will allow you to red line your engine to death unless you -shift up for it.(stick shift without a clutch)

how accurate are my beliefs?
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