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Took the car in for a life blood change (Mobil1) and state/emission inspection. While talking to the service manager I ask them to check the right front of the car because of a little knock I would hear when hitting a bump in the road and a little shimmy when breaking. Turns out they need to change the whole steering rack assembly and tie rods. Its covered so no charge for nCharge!!! Wont get her back till Tuesday.

They gave me a rental, also no charge for nCharge. The rental is a 2008 Jeep Compass. I tell ya one thing.... after driving a HEMI and then getting into a 4 cylinder car...... well you know. You HAVE to use the 6 speed autostick to make it move a bit better. NO way I will ever own a 4/6 cylinder car after feeling the power of the HEMI. My wife's 07 Caliber R/T (the R/T has the bigger 4 in it) has way more power than this base Jeep Compass. I didnt bother to look under the hood to see what it has.

Other than that the car passed inspection with no problems (32k miles). I will do the tune-up myself and front brake pads when I get her back. He said thats ok.... just save the sale slips to show you've done it. This will not void the warranty as long as you have proof that your keeping up with the maintenance.

I want my car back!!!!!
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