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Stock/OEM Radio/CD player 07 VS 08/09

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Can anyone tell me if a 2007 Charger can support a STOCK/OEM 2008/09 Single cd (non-nav) MP3 player? I know the plug is 1 large and 1 small on the '07 and the 08/09 have 2 large and 1 small. Is it possible to change out the 07 cd player for and 08/09 MP3 player without a ton of adapters, harnesses, etc?
Is the second large plug on the 08/09 for nav system or cd changers?
Can I install without using the second large input?
I understand the unit installed in the 07's will use AUX for mp3 media, but I am partial the cd-mp3/wma
Any info/direction is helpful.
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I think there is a physical size difference so you would end up having to modify your current bezel even if you could get the wiring squared away. I really wish the 07 base radios had RDS like the new models but I'm just glad I got an AUX port.
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