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These are off my 2008 Charger SE+. The headlights have been opened up and had halo's installed in the past and the chrome rings show signs of glue residue and small spots whre the chrome has come off when I removed the halos. There is still an amber LED strip under the headlights that is still installed. I had it wired into the parking lights in a fashion that the strip came on with the lights and blinked alternate to the blinkers. They do no come with the factory turn signal harness though. On the taillights, the drivers side has a small hole from someone shooting it with a BB gun, but the passenger side is mint. Taillights come with the harness installed and brake/taillight bulbs. Reverse light bulbs are not installed.

$70+shipping for the headlights
$50+shipping for taillights

OBO on each.

Pic of headlight LEDs

Picture of small hole in drivers side taillight
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