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Stock air box with cone filter?

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When I was changing my headlight bulbs a couple weeks ago, I took out the airbox on my 2014 SE (3.6L V6). Noticed that there's a tube below with a "horn" to collect air from beneath the car. Not knowing crap about such things, it still looks like a decent design that should push colder air from outside up into the intake. My next thought was to open the airbox and see if it had baffles or other hindrances to air flow. Doesn't look like it to me. So, why not alter the air box to adapt it for a cone air filter? Again, I'm a complete novice, but I'm guessing one could fit a tube/pipe into the existing hole, leaving a small lip for the conical filter to attach.

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Has anyone tried this? If so, does it work? Since the box is enclosed, it should (in theory) work better than many of the CAI's we see with open corners, tops, etc.

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Waste of time as the stock setup flows more than the engine ever needs. Tests were done with every air intake there is, no gains. Other than sound, no point. But if your putting a cone in the stock airbox sound would not change.
Just lightens the wallet and actually does a poorer job than paper of filtering out dirt. That dirt winds up in your engine and engine oil.
I know I'll always get good answers here. Thanks @SVRSRTCDN & @RitzRT. I appreciate the replies.
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