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Still warranty??

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I am going to the dealership on Monday to have my vehicle checked out. My head unit trimming has popped off and doesn't seem to want to go back on and I am afraid of breaking it so I decided to let the dealership mess with it and one of my 20 inch chrome rims is peeling the chrome near the lug nut. None of this should be a problem but I am worried the dealership will try to hassle me and say it isn't covered under bumper to bumper warranty. It is a 2012 Charger R/T Max and has 31k miles on it. I am not concerned about the miles cause it's not over the 36k number they set up but since it is technically 2015 and the car was built in 2012 can they say the 3 year, 36k mile bumper to bumper warranty is no more?
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Yes, the warranty starts on the original purchase date. So a 2012 could be a year old while the calendar still reads the same as the model year of 2012 if the original owner bought it Nov/Dec of 2011. Similarly it could still be under a year old if they bought it Jan/Feb of 2013 even though the model year is the previous year on the calendar.

As for the work. Assuming the warranty is still within the covered time/mileage, I doubt they'll give you any trouble over the bezel. I suspect they won't cover the rim though. They'll fault that to wear/tear (road damage) or user damage while removing the lug nuts. I don't want to be negative, but I also don't want to give you false hope. The warranty covers manufacturer defects, so if it looks like it was damaged rather than defective they'll likely decline it. I don't know though, I could be wrong. Just trying to be objective.
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For a little more clarification on where I'm coming from on my guess about those rims. On the 3rd gen Ram (02-08) there was a batch of bad chrome on the bumpers right around 07-08. A lot of guys were getting rust near the exhaust pipes. My '07 had it within months of purchasing the truck, so it was clearly defective. They replaced it with no issues. Other guys on Dodgetalk who developed rust after a few years tried to get theirs covered while still under warranty and it was declined. The biggest difference was that those of us who had bad coatings were getting rust very early on. The others who had a few years on them, likely had fine scratches, or even easily visible scratches, which lead a lot of their dealerships to say the finish had been damaged, and was not flawed.
Could they have fought it and won? Maybe I don't know. And I'm not saying your rims will look damaged either, so maybe you won't have any issues. Again, just trying to be objective, and make you aware of possible scenarios.
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It sounds like the previous owner did some custom audio. Speakers are messed up, squeak in the dash near a speaker, and the radio bezel isn't tight. I wonder if they took the custom stuff out when they traded it in, and didn't put it back together correctly. The good news is, if that's the case it should be relatively easy to fix your audio/trim issues.
Yikes that was close, eh? So did they tell you if they're going to cover any or all of it?
Unfortunately it doesn't really surprise me that they didn't cover the rim. I understand you told them there was no contact, but they have no way to verify that. Not that you're lying, but people lie about warranty items all the time so they can't take someone's word for it. With the amount of miles you have on the car, and the fact that the other 3 rims aren't flawed, they can reasonably assume that somewhere along the way a lug wrench, rock, etc has hit the rim causing the damage, not that it's a manufacturer defect that took 2-3 years to develop. Obviously not the news you wanted to hear, but not an unexpected response considering the details.

Good to hear they're taking care of the dash issues though. That trim piece isn't exactly cheap, so it's a good thing you asked them about it before you warranty ran out. On that note, they shouldn't have your car long to replace it. It should be a matter of about a few screws and a bunch of snaps. Not a hard swap at all so you won't be down long.
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So are they fixing the speakers and dash too, or just the radio bezel?
That's great news. Sounds like they're taking good care of you.
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