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Still warranty??

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I am going to the dealership on Monday to have my vehicle checked out. My head unit trimming has popped off and doesn't seem to want to go back on and I am afraid of breaking it so I decided to let the dealership mess with it and one of my 20 inch chrome rims is peeling the chrome near the lug nut. None of this should be a problem but I am worried the dealership will try to hassle me and say it isn't covered under bumper to bumper warranty. It is a 2012 Charger R/T Max and has 31k miles on it. I am not concerned about the miles cause it's not over the 36k number they set up but since it is technically 2015 and the car was built in 2012 can they say the 3 year, 36k mile bumper to bumper warranty is no more?
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I bought it used. I am the second owner of it.
I haven't heard that yet Shots. I hope they just replace them one rim with no fuss cause it is literally inside the lug nut area and it kinda looks like a banana peel or like someone was peeling a potato. There is no hit/impact marks on the rim either. The car came from Michigan which gets A LOT of snow and salt on the roads so I am thinking that is why I am having this issue with the rim. There is more things I am thinking about mentioning such as the front door speakers sound very very bad...almost like you put a thick blanket over them...granted it is a stock audio set-up but it is the MAX addition with the Alpine premium..I wasn't expecting the best thing I've ever heard but this sounds worst than the normal sound system. Also I am getting an unbearable squeaking noise on the driver side dash near where the dash speaker is (under the windshield). Sometimes if I tap the dash it'll stop and sometimes there is no stopping it and sometimes it doesn't even make a sound...The dealership said they'd need my car for a few hours to drive it around but I absolutely HATE the thought of them driving my car around...kinda like getting it valeted so I will probably tell them to forget about that and try to find a way to fix it myself. I know of waaayyyy too many dealership story's where they get their car back with barely any rubber left on it or the car was just beaten and unless you have a dash-cam that is password protected or a hidden camera/audio recorder you'll never know. I know I sound like I am paranoid and to be honest I am when it comes to my Charger.
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I was able to get the dealership to look it up. I still have 1 month left lol.
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Yikes that was close, eh? So did they tell you if they're going to cover any or all of it?
I just left the dealership and they said they would not cover the rim because they claimed it had impact damage even though I clearly told them there was none. I just brushed it off because it is on the inside where the lug nuts go and they reassured me that it would not peel further down into visibility unless I hit it and to be careful when putting the lug nuts back on. Also I had them check out my front door speakers and the giant piece that goes over the speedo, 8.4" screen and it has the vents built into it cause it was popped out and I couldn't get it to snap back into place and they said the clips on that piece was broken and the door speakers were no good so they ordered a new dash piece and speakers. Now I just have to wait until they get there. I am kinda disappointed they didn't change the rim but as long as it doesn't spread I'll be happy.
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I was in the waiting room for roughly 45mins when they came out and told me that stuff. They said they'd call me back in a few days to bring it back in to install the stuff when it gets there so hopefully you're right Shots and it doesn't take too long.
So are they fixing the speakers and dash too, or just the radio bezel?
They're replacing the speakers and the piece that is on the dash. They ordered new parts and I take her in on Wednesday to get it installed.
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