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Steering upgrade for a stock R/T??

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Does anyone know about any steering upgrades or mods to help with the understeer of a stock R/T? Is the 9 pin dodge system that comes with the daytone performance suspension package available as an aftermarket upgrade and how much is it??
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Hmmm, I would figure that you could just swap out the rack...but I dont know.
Same here, the dealer said it's impossible.

I didnt think it was a huge deal, especially since these cars are already over priced here so the R&T was way more than I wanted to pay, but now Im starting to regret not shoving out the extra 7 grand for it.

Holy Sh#$, $7000 extra for the R&T pkg??
Dayyum, I paid $28,900 for mine.
Gee thanks for rubbing it in man! like having a HEMI that is governed at 118 mph and shifts like my grandma's olds-mobile isnt bad enough!

I didnt know the seats were different. :(
Buy a superchips or Preditor...No more limiter, and firmer shifts
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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