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Steering upgrade for a stock R/T??

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Does anyone know about any steering upgrades or mods to help with the understeer of a stock R/T? Is the 9 pin dodge system that comes with the daytone performance suspension package available as an aftermarket upgrade and how much is it??
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A member sold me his old SC, it'll be here sometime this week. Like I said, almost everything my RT lacks Im working on, suspension, the ugly sliver 18 inch rims, but I drove a friend's Daytona and the steering is much better than mine. firmer, and much less sluggish. I hope that some SRT rims, hotchkis sways and Tein coilovers will do the job.

I know for a fact the suspension and sway bar can be upgraded with no prob. but i am seriously dissapointed about not being able to upgrade to a "9 land" steering according to the posts so far. Im going to ask my dealer anyways but im not too optimistic since the chargerforums have never failed me in the past.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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