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Steering upgrade for a stock R/T??

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Does anyone know about any steering upgrades or mods to help with the understeer of a stock R/T? Is the 9 pin dodge system that comes with the daytone performance suspension package available as an aftermarket upgrade and how much is it??
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nope, cant upgrade the steering without MAJOR work. you would have to tear the car apart. just another reason I got an R&T ;)
everything is different afaik from the rack up to the steering wheel. your looking at rack, gears, im assuming pump/hosing, wiring etc, the shaft (daytona/r&t has a 9 land i think) who knows what else.

someone else had asked some of the dealer service centers about this in the past they all just said NOPE cant/wont do it. BUT thats not to say its not possible, just not practical.
my butt thanks me every day for the seats =)
R&T has the daytona/SRT8 style seats and if its an 07 like mine, many more differences.

same style as these but mine say R/T in them.
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there not just bucket seats, they are so much more. 8 way adjustable seats that hug you ever so perfectly =) and I weigh more than 220 fit me great
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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