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I have a 2019 Charger V6 RWD. Started hearing some friction noise when turning the steering wheel a few months ago. No other symptoms. At first, i thought something in the column shifted and was just rubbing when I turned the steering wheel. I got the vehicle up on a two-post and listened from underneath and discovered the sound to be coming from the steering rack. Kind of sounds like a light grinding, or the friction of moving parts operating through metal shavings. Kinda crunchy. This began at around 70,000 miles. After about a month of the noise, I noticed while traveling at about 70mph and coming out of a slight right corner, I felt a sort of snag in the steering. After further driving, I discovered if I turned the steering to a particular spot, it would hang there until I applied the extra force necessary to dislodge it. This was a minimal occurrence, but has since developed more hard spots in the steering as is requiring more force to dislodge the snags. Almost to the point of becoming unsafe. My initial assumption is that the entire steering rack should be replaced. However, an OEM replacement part was quoted at around $1800. I'm hoping someone here has encountered this issue and found an alternative method of repair. Perhaps a component replacement, or service procedure for the rack and pinion? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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