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Hello, everyone. I have a 2006 Dodge Charger R/T and have had a more than eventful time with the simple task of starting it up.

The only thing that confuses me is that there is no consistency with this issue.

The original problem solver was to check and see if my car had been through the X53 Gas Tank Warranty Extension. Which, after looking up online, made me realize that my car was showing symptoms of the problem that the recall claimed to heal. At that point, it had not had the gas tank replaced and I did so accordingly.

After the recall was dealt with, it only had trouble starting just after putting gas in (not fill-up, any amount of new gas causes the issue). My fix was to rev it up a little while trying to start it. That started the car every time.

Now, 2 months later, it has issues starting after being stopped for periods as short as 45 minutes as well as the fill-ups. Does anyone know what the issue might be?


Video of the issue (turn up your volume)
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