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I should have posted here first, seeing as how many of us V6s have done this mod....

So, I installed my fogs today and took it to my local dealer, where I bought the car, to get the StarScan. They started doing it and said my "MDS"? wasn't equipped with a fog light I'm sitting there wondering if they even knew what the hell they were doing? Isn't that what StarScan is for, to program and let the computer recognize that there are fog lights? From what I understand this is a simple procedure and just wondering why these guys couldn't figure it out. Has anyone ever had this problem, or should I just go to another dealer and get this done?

It blew my mind because everything I have read on here has said its very simple, and these so called dodge techs couldn't figure it out. Now are you supposed to program this in there or should the computer recognize it when everything is installed?
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