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Keep Daytona Charger or SRT8 Magnum

  • Daytona

    Votes: 40 58.0%
  • SRT8 Magnum

    Votes: 29 42.0%
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I'd keep the daytona. When all is said and done, the exterior look of the car is really all that matters. You can drop a 6.1 into a daytona easy enough, then you'll have the power of an SRT-8, but still retain the "everybody's looking" at the light aspect that I simply don't see a magnum providing.

Hopefully within a year I will be doing just that. Unless the 392s become mainstream production and drop in cost. Then not only will I smoke SRT-8s, but I'll look damn good while doing it!

Case in point: Power is easy to add, looks are another thing.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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