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SRT8 Hood

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I know this is probably a long shot but is anyone selling an SRT8 hood on Oahu I am looking to buy one.
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lol... I already found that needle in the haystack.

Anyone no of a good place here or on the internet site to get a good aftermarket hood painted. Or is it better off getting it painted over here. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I just got enough funds now so I am looking to purchase one.
Hood painted

Send Five Oh a PM......he had his painted on island, but don't know who....His looks great.
I just sent off a PM to you. Brit's Autobody in Kaneohe is a good choice. They did mine and did a great job. Since you bought a fiber hood it might require some body work to get it to fit properly. After Brit painted my hood another Charger from these forums went to him for some custom work which included a Challenger style fiberglass hood. The hood wasn't a very good fit so Brit added some glass to it and shaped it so that it fit really well. He then went on to put some stripes on the car. The whole thing came out looking really sharp.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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