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Hey everyone, have a question. Yesterday I took an un-expected 450 mile trip to northen PA for a funeral in my SRT8. Not exactly a fun day emotionally but the SRT8 with the new Predator tune took the edge off of things. Anyway while cruising I noticed I was getting three differant temperature readings while heading Northbound on I95 with cruise set, the readings were as follows:

1) 183 Degrees (Digital) within the hold music button and compass button EVIC Readings.

2) 208 Degrees (Digital) when you just push the information button above the compass button where you can read the tire pressures.

3) 190 Degrees (Analog) from the temp gauge in the dash.

So I'm sitting there looking at these 3 temperature readings going WTF? I'm assuming we're dealing with differant sensors but does anyone know more about this and which one is most accurate?
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