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SRT Video!

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I borrowed this from LXforums. It's a video of all the SRT vehicles. You can see a few good shots of the Charger SRT-8.
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MPRSteve said:
Thanks!, didn't expect to hear that on this forum.
Expect it Steve! :) Your posts are not offensive, you show diplomacy, and the people on this forum are the same. Welcome, and hang around. Mike

Ordering SRT8 this soon as dealer is able to. :happy:

Good looking stang btw!!
chargershed said:
someone has said that I've got the best avitar...I think your's is the best, that underhood shot of your blower is automotive porn :embarrese
B.T.W. just so noone thinks i've gotten soft...As nice as that car is, it is still just another 'stang :asleep:
See? Diplomacy! :wink:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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