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And now the next big news. Hooters of Topeka has joined with the SRT Nationals as a sponsor. Hooters will be providing a team of Hooters Girls to help out during the event. The girls will run a Hooters booth in the Vendor Midway. They will be passing out coupons and other promotional items. They may also be selling some of the Hooters swag you see in every Hooters restaurant.

The girls will also be roaming the event to pose with different cars and attendees for photo opportunities. While they move through the cars and trucks, they will be checking out all of the rides looking for their choices for the best of the best, more about that in a bit. The girls will also be presenting the trophies and awards for the various events and activities.

Thursday evening at 6:00 pm will be SRT Nationals/Hooters Night. Hooters will have 35 parking spaces blocked off in front of the restaurant for the 35 top cars from the event, the best of the best as chosen by the Hooters girls earlier in the day. I imagine the rest of the parking lot will be overflowing with other SRT's as well. Hooters will be providing every registered Nationals participant with 10 free wings. You will also be able to use the coupons given out by the Hooters Girls during the day. Hooters is also working on some other freebies.

Look for directions and other announcements about Hooters and their involvement in the event, as it gets closer. Now what color SRT goes best with Hooters Orange.



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