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Unfortunately, "pain free" may not apply here. The mesh is a PITA to cut out, and its hard to get every last bit out of the opening. Wire cutters and a lot of work, and wear gloves, take it down as far as you can.

The honeycomb bezel has tabs on the bottom that will cause you to go one of 2 routes...

I chose to notch out the fiberglass in the bottom of the scoop. After much trial and error (including a slip of the utility knife I was using that left a nice cut in the hood) I figured out that a hacksaw blade was the best tool. I tried a dremel, knife, etc. Had to keep cutting and fitting to finally get the tabs in the bezel to settle into the hood.

The other route is to cut the tabs off the bezel so that it fits into the scoop opening without cutting the hood itself. The issue then is getting it to stay down, which some guys have used 3M mounting tape for.

Hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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