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hey everyone,

I know i dont post much, more of a reader than a poster.
it is unfortunet I have to her go but my buisiness has been affected by the real estate market and the house will have to take presidence over the car.

its a 2006 srt with only the side molding removed (looks better). tranny tsb and brake disk tsb are the only other alterations. the car is garage kept and either hand washed or brushless. i am looking for 38,000. enough to pay off the loan and of course i already paid the gas guzzler tax when it was purchased. it has currently 16000 miles and of course goes like a bat out of hell. I put away a 1999 ultra z camero with nitrouse this past weekend and I had 4 people in the car!:). Not seriouse racing of course as I brake when I hit the speed limit.

let me know if any one is interested please, i would rather see her go to a member than a total stranger.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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