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The SRT engineers finally had a chat session. It occurred on the LX Forum on October 29, 2013. I copied the Q & A from all 7 pages. There is some good stuff here, including their telephone number!

Q & A:

Have you folks ever worked on a vehicle that was destined to be part of the SRT line and it never made it? Or have you envisioned other existing Chrysler vehicles begin SRT's, but they just didn't meet performance / business case?

We consistently looking at possible avenues to stay competitive.

Is it possible to install the Gen I LX Brembo brakes from an SRT on to a Gen II LX? I've heard conflicting answers, and would love clarification.

Gen I LX SRT Brembo brakes will not fit on the Gen II LX (base) - you would need the SRT knuckle to accept the Brembo brakes.

Im not sure if you have heard but a Dodge Challenger twin turbo 3rd gen Hemi just went 7.85sec in 1/4!!
I was wondering if you have any ideas to keep from lifting heads at 25 psi of boost and above?? Ls engines dont have a problem but we do.Some are working on it with head studs and O ring the block and heads and special gaskets.Any other places we should look at??

You're covering the right items: I would look at a high quality set of head studs. The unit loading will be high and you don't want to get into yield with the bolts. Watch the tensile / yield properties. I would go with the best material available for your application to keep the studs in the tensile range. You should use a good multi layer steel head gasket. The stock gasket is MLS and works well; however, your unique package may require aftermarket MLS gaskets. Especially if you need to adjust the compressed thickness to get a specified compression ratio. They are out there for boosted HEMI engines. O-rings are good as well but are harder to adapt. Good luck with your package!

Have you guys ever considered sponsoring sportsman/x275 drag racers with parts discounts, awards, free t-shirts or some other form of support? There are a few of us putting ridiculous money into our SRTs/drag paks and those cars are getting good press for Dodge/Chrysler in the process. It would be nice if you guys could find some way to assist/support/recognize/encourage us

Thank you for your support of SRT/Chrysler products. We will look into your suggestion! We hope you have great success going forward with your races!

I've owned my 2009 Challenger SRT for 4 years and have put 25,000 miles on it. And it still puts a smile on my face every single time I drive it! Thank you for building a great looking, great performing, and comfortable car!

Glad to hear you're enjoying your car, thanks for the feedback. We know the feeling and share your passion!

On the Magnum, is the dynamic sense module actually positioned at the center of gravity (X / Y / Z) for this platform?

The g sensor is positioned as close as possible to the centerline (Y) of the vehicle but due to packaging constraints it is not possible to position it exactly at the CG coordinates.

Besides being an overall better car (and being more livable). What were your goals in upgrading from the previous Viper to the current one? Do you feel there's a lot left in the V10 for future factory upgrades?

We wanted to evolve the vehicle to the next level but stay true to the spirit of the Viper as a race car at its core.

There are many of us still looking for the ability to reprogram the TCM . For example, running a high stall converter (flashing to 5500rpm), The TCM logic thinks the car is spinning the tires on launch and force shifts the car into 2nd before it ever moves and then the converter will not lock up. Short of a stand alone controller, there is not much else to do other than keep the flash on the converter to under 4400 rpm. The Mopar TCM is a good start and for mildy modified vehicles is a solution. But for highly modified vehicles, it just does not go far enough. Any help in this area is appreciated.

We don't have anyone here from Mopar tonight.

I love my 06 300c srt8 66000 miles just cant stand all the clunking that goes on in the front end.

I would start by replacing your upper shock mounts (with the 2011 or newer SRT shock mounts P/N 05181575AA); while your suspension is apart I would look at your lower control arm bushings and stabilizer bar bushing for signs of wear.

Will the MOPAR TCM P5155177 listed for SRTs up to 2010 function on an 11 Challenger SRT? If not will
there be one made available?

Engine changed from 6.1L to 6.4L between these years. The ECM sends a signal to the TCM to instruct it which calibration to use, and that changed with the engine change. The Mopar TCM good thru 10MY likely won't support the new signal from the 11MY ECM.

Question about ZD-2013 Viper SRT Off-Road PCM. A MoPar accessory. Have had em for Gen 2-3-4...but have yet to see one for Gen V. Any idea of release date? SEMA in 2 weeks ? 'See you at SRT Viper Cup - Sebring Nov 22-24'

Sorry, we can't talk about future plans.

2006 MSRT8. Does my brake system compensate for knock back by bringing the pads back to the rotors after an aggressive corner?

No, knock back didn't coming in until 2009.

SRT392 intake, pushrods, valves and springs fit the 5.7 HEMI? Will Challenger SRT392 suspension fit a Charger LD?

Some 6.4L engine components will swap with a comparable 5.7L. Valve covers, rocker shaft assemblies and pushrods will swap. Valves and springs are specific to each application as well as the valve seats and machining. The intake flange and bolt holes will allow a 6.4L intake on a 5.7L but your port openings are different. The 6.4L SRV valve in the intake will need a proper calibration as well.

It depends on what you are trying to do. Steady state high rpm packages can tolerate bigger ports and larger intake plenums that wouldn't work as well during transients of daily driving. The stock 6.1L head is a good piece and a lot of those features were carried over into the 6.4L head. Since you use your car for both street and strip you should watch your balance of port size / cam profile / plenum volume versus driveability. Mopar has ported 6.1L heads that will pick up air flow without killing driveability. Regarding displacement, the simple answer is more displacement needs more airflow.

For first gen SRT front ends, is there an indentically spec'd Mercedes/ AMG part that if found, would work and perhaps provide better longevity?

The L platform vehicles have been greatly modified and there are no bolt-ons that we aware of. We would be interested to know what components are you looking to get better longetivity out of?

Recently had both front knuckles and upper control arms ( redesigned) replaced on my 2007 SuperBee, What was the reason for the design change ?? Also I just recently installed the Mopar performance torque converter and states it stalls @ 2500 for a 5.7. Just curious what it stalls in my 6.1 ?

The change to front caster was to improve the on center returnablity of the steering system. Sorry we don't have anyone here from Mopar performance here tonight.

Does the rear spoiler on my 08 Charger SRT-8 do anything besides block my view? Why isn't a spoiler delete option available?

It ABSOLUTELY works. The front and rear aero have been tuned to have the car feel the same at 150 mph as 80 mph. The rear end has 77 counts of downforce (with that spoiler and will have some serious lift without it). Dynamics wouldn't sign off on the high speed stability without it.

With your response in mind, how does the Magnum SRT differ? Specifically, without the spoiler what is the downforce on our cars? I assume it also passed "speed stability", does the front rear balance (closer to 50/50) compensate perhaps? If you have the time, a related question for someone that wants to seriously road track the Magnum. Without knowing the actual weight difference (I'll try to find and edit this asap) I'm looking at replacing the rear gate with a carbon fibre one. This is obviously a big chunk of metal, do you anticipate a positive impact due to weight loss, or a negative one due to weight bias alteration? EDIT - the weight savings is 50lbs, alone, not likely enough to consider. Any idea what the tipping point (literally LOL) might be? So to be clear, how many pounds of weight loss at ONE end, would have a negatively affect the handling the benefits from 49/51 bias?

I'll try posting this again....on the aero side, the Magnum actually is very close to neutral aero balance. It is does indeed pass the SRT high speed stability test. If it didn't we would have sold it like that.

Will SRT392 intake, pushrods, valves and springs fit the 5.7 HEMI? Will Challenger SRT392 suspension fit a Charger LD?

SRT392 suspension parts components were specifically tuned for Challenger vehicle parameters (weight, wheelbase, etc.). However, the componets will bolt onto the Charger. Note: make sure you use the Challenger SRT Core suspension components, not the ones from the active suspension.

What vehicles do you guys use as Daily Drivers? What other vehicles are in your stable?

98 beater neon with ACR suspension and 65 Plymouth that goes low 10's. Of the 17 people in the room, we have a handful of SRT4's, couple SRT8's and a 2013 Viper.

My thoughts were that perhaps the AMG equivalents to tension struts, tie rod ends and maybe the swaybar bushing equivalents might outlast that which is offered by the factory. Also, I was under the impression that the AMG components might be fabricated from aluminum.

We cannot comment on other manufacturers' products or components.

What at about the second question? Will Challenger or Charger SRt392 suspension fit a second
generation Charger R/T?

Yes it will bolt on, but the suspension tuning will not be balanced well front to rear if you only do the rear. it would be closer if you go charger to charger than challenger to charger.

I've wanted a Viper since I was 10 years old. I make it a point to see a Viper every time I visit the U.S.,
which lately has been often. I've visited Woodhouse, Roanoke and Tomball too. I have a question about the headlights on the SRT Viper. Is it a design reason or legal reason why the daytime running lights are
the bottom eye lid and not the top? If it was the top 'eye lid' the Viper would look angry rather than having a bruised eye whilst driving around.

The accent lights were designed as part of the styling direction of the vehicle.

Of all the SRT models produced, is there a team favourite, either because of the challenges faced or because the final product exceeded expectations from drawing board to road test?

They're like our kids. We love them all for different reasons, but you can't have a favorite!
How much is the truck specific 6.4 HEMI is different for the SRT392 HEMI?
With 5.7HEMI making 390HP/400lb.ft in its most powerful form, how The truck specific 6.4HEMI is more
significant when it is only making 410hp/425lb.ft?

The 6.4L truck engine was designed specifically for that application with low end torque and towing in mind. The 6.4L SRT is set up more for mid range torque and high rpm horsepower. The cam events, valves, springs, ports, intake manifold... are different.

Since each of the SRT models has its own aerodynamic characteristics, what would be the positive or negative attritbutes of adding an aftermarket rear diffuser to a 1st gen 300 SRT?

If the rear diffuser is designed correctly you will increase the rear downforce which will add high speed stability to the car. By putting an aftermarket part on the car without CFD or wind tunnel testing to develop the part we really can't say how the car will respond.

Are you guys familiar with the words "Hell Cat" ?

It's a great old airplane from WWII and a decent motorcycle.

Do you have a direct contact for SRT owners for related questions?


As average vehicles become faster and faster, and our performance vehicles reach the HP ratings of super cars from only a few years ago, one would assume the horse power war must be nearing its peak.
What do you anticipate the next challenge or driving force in design to be?

As a company and as an industry, we have to meet fuel economy targets to sell cars. Our big challenge is to provide outstanding performance, while simultaneously improving fuel economy.

It's been a while since SRT has had a product on a brand new platform, and given Chrysler's new
parents, how much of this presumably newly accessible technology, materials, and suppliers are making
the inner engineers in all of you squeal with delight? To rephrase, how excited are you guys for SRT's super secret, can't-talk-about future? And how close to the edge of our seat should we, as car enthusiasts, be?

We're so excited we're speechless.

With Mopar offering a T/A style hood and a Go-Wing spoiler for Challenger R/T, would the hood fit the SRT version and how would both the hood and wing effect the high speed?

From a fit perspective the wing will obviously fit, but not sure on the hood since the underhood packaging of the SRT is different than the Dodge. As for high speed both of these changes will probably slow the car down. Front scoops and wings usually add aero drag.

I have issues with a gas cap. Gas cap was tested, did a smoke test on a vehicle, checked the cannisters under the rear seat and still have an error, is there anything I am overlooking to get rid of the GAS CAP code on the EVIC? Is there anything I am overlooking without replacing the gas tank? Is there a TSB or a recall on any of this? I have an '06 300C SRT8, thanks!

You should have someone go through the entire evaporative system to check for any leaks or misrouted lines.

How can I turn the radio off on the Uconnect2 since every time I start my Ram the radio comes on?
The radio has become so integrated for HVAC controls, heated wheel, heated seats, etc... that it really needs to come on at key-up. You can change the intensity to a lower setting and have the radio (volume) off to minimize the impact of it being on.

Are you going to be adding radio/nav updates in the future? I ask because there hasn't even been a
Gracenotes update put out for the new systems. These are complex computer based system that should be periodic updates/enhancements just like any other consumer device. You wouldn't buy a phone or computer and never get updates for it. Harmon Becker did a great job of sending out updates for the Mygig based units. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Panasonic.

The radios are supposed to be receiving regular updates (with purchase after the first year). We're not aware of any delays but will check with our audio group. Unfortunately won't be able to get you an answer tonight.

How competitive do you guys feel you will be in the 2014 Tudor sportscar championships? Any chance of seeing an Stealth SRT6 or SRT6? Something small, agile and fast with some real power.

We are looking forward to the 2014 TUDOR Sportscar Championships. We are proud of what we accomplished this season, coming together as a team so quickly and we learned a lot about the race car. We will be coming out swinging.

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