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So my 2006 Charger SRT-8 is now closing in on 120k miles, and it drives as if the front end is completely shot.

I know from the symptoms of clunking, bump steer, and poor rebound performance that several parts need replaced, and I think a new front end kit would be a good idea.

So the question is, what Pedders kit would be most suitable to rebuild the front end of my SRT, bringing it back to near-to or somewhat better than showroom stock?

I am not interested in lowering the vehicle, it is hard enough to cross curb-breaks and speed-bumps with the factory height. I am not really interested in loosing teeth at every pothole either.

So can it be done with a Pedders kit? Is this an installation that could be done by an enthusiastic owner? I have fully re-fitted my '65 GTO with a full polygraphite suspension, is this procedure going to be more complicated or require special tools?

Pedders offers complete bushing kits for the front, rear, and comebined,

Here is the front kit:


LX Front Half Repair Kit

As the title says, this kit focuses on just the front bushings and all of the bushings!. This will give you a serious improvement in control, and will also converet your front end to full camber and caster adjustability. Improving the OE reliability and support of the tension rod and lower control arm bushings will add a ton of reliability and support. Our bump steer kit will improve your tire wear, and reduce the serious amount of bump steer to a very manageable and normal amount

Retail $660.32 EA

Item Code Description Qty
EP2113 LX Bump Steer Correction Kit 1
EP4107 LX Lower Front Shock Mount 1
EP6568 LX Front Lower Control Arm Bsh 2
EP6570 LX Fnt Up Cntrl Arm Bush Adj 1

Here is the direct link: Pedders Front Repair Bushing Kit

If you have any questions just ask

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