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SRT-8 break-in and power gain

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Just to set this information down. While cruising the 300C forums for SRT-8 info, I came across a posted interview with the design chief for the 300, Magnum, and Charger, Mr. Gilles.

To my surprise, he posted. Why this matters to us is that he himself drives an SRT-8 300C. And we can safely assume he's had it for a while ;)

The point is that he said in a post, referencing the SRT-8s power, to "wait til she breaks in at about 6000 miles, then it really flies..."

Now, keeping in mind the first 300C owner to 1/4 mile his car got 13.3, at way less than 6K, I wonder what a really broken in SRT-8 will do :D

(Damnit, Ekool, an evil grin smiely would really worked well there :( ) :)
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RonRacer said:
LOLyou a nut. but are you thinking low 12s sir?? :eek: and if you are sir that would suggest that you are claiming w/a little weight reducing a blower a some juice it could get in the 9s. and if you sir are making that suggestion i say to you sir you crazy.but i hope you're thinking that. and i hope you're right. cuz thats what i need in my life is a 9sec street legal 2006 dodge charger srt8(it sound good when you say it all :D )
I don't know about nines...but I'm sure you could get low 11's or high 10's with a blower and some other mods...Now I know you hate the general, but a magazine article on the new vette caught my eye...they did some eprom tuning, put in a 3.47 rear end, some headers and some slicks and ran 11.7! that was 400 horse ls2...imagine what could be done with a 6.1 hemi (insert evil grin smiley here...) :eek:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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