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Spring recommendations!

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Hello everyone! I am interested in lowing my 2014 R/T (rwd) charger. I recently purchased some new wheels and tires for my ride. They are Viper reps (20x9) and Nitto Motivos (275/40/20). Theres a pretty big gap that I am trying to get rid of. I was hoping to drop at least 1.5 inches. I have come across some Eibach pro-kit lowering springs. Would I be needing any caster/camber plates for the alignment afterwards?

Thanks everyone for the help. Here is how the car sits now.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Rim

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I've got Challenger SRT springs, shocks, struts from a 2010 and it only lowered me about 3/4 of an inch. The SRTs aren't really much lower the fascia makes it seem even more.

I love the ride and handling but it won't drop you the 1.5 inches... but at least I don't need adjustable uppers etc.
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