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Spectre vs K&N

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So PepBoys at the moment has 35% off any purchased over $100, but doesn't apply to K&N products. With the K&N units and the DiabloSport, my total is $550 and I only get the 35% off the Diabloe, not the intake.

If I choose the DiabloSport with the Spectre, I get 35% off both and my total is $360 which means I get the Diablo for $250 and the Intake for ~$100.

Can someone help me understand why I should pay over $200 for the K&N unit? Will the Spectre unit not really give the same performance as the K&N unit? I want the best bang for the buck, and the price is super tempting.
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K&N was tested by LXF and found to REDUCE HP.
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