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this 93 lx 5.0 was bought in 95 with 14,000 miles on it. in a months time it was stroked to 347ci,tfs heads,vortech supercharger,rc injectors,je pistons,g force clutchless 5 speed,9 inch ford rear,and a ton more. best et ever was [email protected] on race gas and [email protected] on 93 pump gas. this was years before the hot rod magazine pump gas drags came out!

this 68 rs/ss was factory 427 425 hp automatic a/c car! today worth well into $100,000 range.the was bought from a guy who bracket raced it and with a wild 454 big block it ran 10.90's. i built a bunch of big blocks for it over the next few years.

same car just now with a 540 ci big block with 2 systems. around 1,300 hp on both hits.on 28x10.5 slick the car went a best of [email protected] in this pic iam being backed up by 4 wheeler racing champ ryan had a 275/60/15 m&h street tire on at this race and wouldnt hook. ran a best of [email protected] in the 1/8th mile that day

thats me with the tan hat on looking at the plugs after a big nitrous backfire. theres some big name va street racers in this pic from the late 90's

now the car was turned into a outlaw 10.5 car in 2001. 632ci with around 2,000hp.the best the car ran was [email protected] at orlando fla back in 2001

you can tell were not at a big race cause i dont have fire pants on lol

ill post more if you all like
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