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this was a 86 mustang i built for the howard brothers. started with a stock 86 gt with a 302

we ended up with this. cage,9 inch rear,fuel cell,469 ci ford big block that made 670 hp on motor with a 350 hit of gas to make a lil over a 1020 hp. car was still 100% street legal. never ran in the 1/4 but went 5.80's in the 1/8th and would carry the front wheels 2 feet in the air for 200 feet out every pass

back to the howard brothers again. this time andy howards 95 mustang gt with tfs heads,cam,ported intake,headers,rc jectors,long tube custom built headers,drag struts/springs up front,drag socks and springs out back.250 hit on spray.all this and he never ran the car at the saw lots of duty racing on the street for BIG money back in 2000.

andy howard again "good customer" and he ever worked on it some as the pic shows.2001 dodger dakota r/t. this was the first dodge i built. P600 pro charger,ported indy heads,custom built hogan sheet metal intake,custom comp cam,eagle rods,je pistons,th400 trans with 3,800 and trans brake,9 inch ford rear with 3:90 gear.we had problems everytime we dyno pulled it due to really bad tire spin on the rollers but it made 678hp to the was short lived and never went to the track but id say it wouldve been in the 9's

and last of the howard brothers cars. that ive found pics of. ray howards super clean 429 torreno. i know thats not how its spelt. this was a daily driver that ran mid 11.50's.

this is the first roots type blower motor we built. jay weavers blown 408ci big block 72 nova.he wanted a ruff looking car that looks like it wouldnt run. well thats what he cage got him kicked out of 3 tracks in one [email protected] was the best pass for the car with me driving.jay is a very big guy 6'5 330 so you put me the 5'10 150 in if you wanna make some good numbers.we raced that car alot in the streets and did pretty good with it.

more pics to come as i find them. ive got 1,000's of them
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