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Kit Name: CGR-V6-MACH-XV Catback Exhaust Kit

Years and Vehicle Applications: V6 Charger/300 SXT (2015-Present)


Retail Price: $845.42

Group Buy Price: $718.61 (until April 30, 2017)

Special Promotion:

We are in need of quality video of this kit, both interior and exterior. The first 5 customers to purchase the kit that are willing to take video will get a percentage of the GB price refunded back to you, providing you supply us with good quality video that we can use in a promotional video to advertise the exhaust kit. The percentage that is refunded to you is based on how much of that video we can use in our promotional one. We are willing to refund between 15% and 50% back based on the quality, depth, and amount that we can use in our video to the first 5 customers that purchase the kit!


Raw American muscle on the outside and a refined, non-invasive performance exhaust note on the inside. The dramatic sound difference from outside to inside is accomplished by months of research and development as well as specific product design for the 2015–Present V6 Charger/300 SXT. This is a “sound on demand” system in that it is relatively quiet once you’re at cruising speeds and the deep, raw, rich exhaust note comes alive when you accelerate. Fit, form and function are the cornerstones of our Solo Performance Charger/300 dual exhaust kit. The Solo CGR-V6-MACH-XV Charger/300 SXT exhaust kit is a 2 1/4″ mandrel bent, free flow stainless steel converter back exhaust. It incorporates an H-Pipe in the front section, our Mach-XV X-Design muffler in the mid-section and Solo tunable J-Pipes in the rear. These J-Pipes are specifically designed to work with the 2015+Charger/300 V6 drone producing ranges to eliminate them, leaving you with the 60’s muscle car sound you deserve. There are no exhaust tips with this kit as the Charger/300 stock setup is used. All of us at Solo Performance are very proud to bring to the Charger/300 community our free-flow CGR-V6-MACH-XV exhaust kit.

Exhaust Kit Specs:

·Stainless Steel Dual Cat-Back exhaust kit
·2 1/4” Mandrel bent exhaust pipes
·Completely Bolt-On using only regular tools
·H-Pipe is used in the front section to equalize the cylinder pressure and sound control
·Mach-XV Solo X-Design muffler used in the mid-section
·Solo rear tunable J-Pipes to eliminate drone
·Heavy Duty reinforced hangers and support brackets used
·T-304 Stainless Steel reusable band clamps
·Produces a deep 60’s muscle car exhaust note while remaining non-invasive on the inside

To Order, Please Contact:

Steve Mariano
Solo Performance Sales and Customer Service
516-655-9002 (7 days a week, until midnight EST)
[email protected]

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