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small town advantages

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Im a firefighter in a small town.Im pretty cool with most of the police force here.I drove the car in today and one of the boys in blue stopped buy to check it out....was very impressed . There is a very deserted part of town ,and , he says if i wann make a few high speed passes later this week he d clock me...Ill get pics for sure
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Wish the cops around here were as cool.
lol that sounds just like the cops in super bad. they were so cool:lol:
That's fortunate,the last small town I lived in (3500 people) had a RCMP detachment as well.They would have loved to catch me but my trusty Valentine One saved me dozens,yes dozens of times.The police wouldn't instant one,just leave their radar's on K band all the time.Living in the prairies at the time,where you can go straight for days resulted in a large number of high speed travel situations.Never had a ticket once but they were gunning for us.On 2 separate occasions we passed people who were offended and being good samaritans called the RCMP detachment down the road.(one was actually a off duty police officer doing his duty).
On neither occasion did we get ticketted because of Mr.Valentine,we knew the police were coming about 5 km before we saw them.Slowed down to the limit.Both times though the police pulled us over but couldn't prove anything,One time they separated my wife and I in separate cars but we knew what to say and how to act and released to go our merry way.
The officer who pulled us over after being tipped by the off duty RCMP officer was furious when he pulled us over,but we were doing the speed limit.He told us about the call.I said I wasn't going that fast or speeding.He said he could citation us based on what the off duty police said,I replied that next time he should pace us if he thinks we were speeding before calling in the army.He let us go
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You sure are lucky.............
I know.It's all a matter of odds,my luck could run out.
man am i jealous!
Sounds almost like charger heaven
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