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This system tends to be the most popular exhaust that we carry for the 5.7. Great sound without being to loud for a daily driver. We have have a price and discounted shipping!

SLP Exhaust System, 2005-09 Charger/Magnum/300C "Loud Mouth II" (modular)

Also available from SLP is the stainless steel, Catalyst-Back Modular Exhaust Systems for the Hemi powered 2005-2009 Dodge/Charger/Magnum and Chrysler 300C. It is available in Loud Mouth and Loud Mouth II designs. Thanks to the modular design, either resonators or mufflers can be ordered individually and interchanged separately.

These systems provide a noticeable performance gain and were designed using SLP's innovative modular technology. This enables consumers to change the performance and noise-level characteristics by switching from our bullet-style Loud Mouth resonators, to our quieter Loud Mouth II mufflers, in order to suit their individual requirements. The Loudmouth II tends to be the most popular. It's not as aggressive as the regular Loudmouth so you'll be less likely to wake up your neighbors. It sounds great when you lay into the throttle!

Features include: stainless steel, mandrel-bent 2.5" tubing; polished Loud Mouth resonators and Loud Mouth II mufflers with SLP's logo embossed in the body; integrated PowerFlo-X Crossover Pipe; double-wall polished tips with SLP's logo; easy, bolt-on installation and SLP's Lifetime Warranty. All hardware and Installation instructions are included.

Click here to order your Loudmouth II

Have a great day!
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