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Hi there, I'm relatively new to forms and this is my first post so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.:smile2:

-Waring, long post :frown2:-

So recently a friend and I have been talking some normal smack about who's car would win in a straight away, my 2010 dodge charger SXT, or his 2006 Ford Mustang pony package. Recently we've gotten pretty serious about who would win. So from research it looks like his mustang has a clear advantage of acceleration in a 1/4 mile. Can anyone second that? Ill list the detail of both cars below, and please if anyone has any ideas of how to increase my acceleration that would be great!

-My Dodge Charger SXT 3.5L (slightly modified)
So my charger has had its wheels replaced with the highest quality Michelin tires available at the time (Roughly 8 months ago) The stock exhaust has been replaced with a true dual flowmaster exhaust system. The suspension and brakes have been replaced. The drive train has been extremely maintained, the engine has all new belts, new airfliter and new spark plugs as of last week as they were due for a change. Other than that there is no other major modifications done to my car performance wise.

-Freinds 2006 Ford mustang 4.0L V6 (210hp)
Right off the bat his mustang is poorly maintained and I'm always trying to help him with that. The car is completely stock excluding liquids. Same suspension, exhaust, same belts, and same seals from 2006. He had to replace his radiator only after a large leak that spewed radiator fluid everywhere in his engine compartment. Now my main issue with him and his car is that his tires are extremely worn and are due for a change. (We live in Arizona so are tires dont last as long as normal)

So back to my original question, Can anyone second my theory that his mustang would still win in a 1/4 mile?:smile2:

Also as a secondary question that isn't as important, any ideas of how to increase my acceleration? Such as rear gears, performance chips, cold air intake? Im open to any suggestions :smile2:

Thanks you much,
And please ask any questions and ill be happy to clarify, and ill post pics if needed!
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