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Short term knock help!

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I'm getting short term knocks and my long term knock is stuck at -100% on tuner. I tuned my charger a few days ago and it was reading 1-2 short term knocks and 0 long term and I decided to play with it today and noticed before tuning it my short term knocks were around 4-5 and my long term knock is stuck at -100%. I haven't adjusted my WOT spark but I have adjusted my WOT fuel to 3.5% richer on all bands. Should I lower down my WOT fuel to more lean or what?
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I am adjusting the fuel to 7% richer on all parameters to see if that helps. Also I adjust the rev limiter to 6600 rpms if that matters?
Ok so this is embarrassing but I was reading the wrong information. I was reading something called 1/1 short, 2/2 short, and 1/1 long. I don't know what that represents but I was told that the knocks are labled shrt knck retard and long knck retard. I have no idea what the other information is but it was all over the place. My short term and long term knocks are reading 0% which is great =)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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