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I plan in installing a switch panel in the shifter cubby on my 06 SRT for my LEDs.
I know how to get the new wire harness from the engine bay thru the firewall, behind the glove box, around to and then under the stereo/center stack and down to the center console.
What I can't find or figure out is how to get the wires into the actual cubby. I pulled the rubber insert out, and the underside is all hard plastic. The only opening is the access hole for the "pink thingy" shift release.
Is there enough room to run the wires thru this opening without interfering with the operation of the shift interlock? Do I need to drill a hole in the hard plastic (front or side?) of the cubby to route the wires?

I searched the forum and came up empty on this detail of the install.

Any other tips/tricks to doing this install from those that have been down this path before me?

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