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Well for the 2nd time in three months ownership my Dealer kept my Bee longer than a week. I am ok with that, but to avoid continually bringing her in and out because of the time i like to get it all fixed while i she's there.

So i have lotsa brake issues, they replaced the caliper beacuse fluid was leaking all over but i still get theis darn Click when i step on the brakes.

The first time they had it a week was another brake issue, the entire hydraulics needed replacing they said, as well as my radio was completely inop
Here is what gets me:

They had it for a week. I had 4 issues. They call and say Vehicle is ready! I go pick it up, nobody says a word. I get home and look at the paperwork and they only did the caliper! All three other issues says no trouble found.

Now i would expect/hope for them when they call to say it's ready, to inform me that they were unable to duplicate. Is that asking too much? One of the problems was a lag, i just feel my RT was faster. I read about a 1-2 shift hesitation (not the old one from '06) and brought the TSB with me. Asked for the updates and the work order they gave me says "all updates complete" no available.

Now my Build date is 12/07. Considering how many updates were available for my 06 i have a hard time believing this.

How can i check to see what i have? am i out of line to think they should have contacted me considering only 3 of the 4 issues were addresed? I would like to know the latest starscan software for my ecm/tcm.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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